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Japanese Leaders Set Stage for Diversity

Although the Japanese culture has traditionally been very defined in terms of gender roles, I’m convinced that there’s a huge opportunity for the business case for diversity to take hold because the country is so devoted to economic progress. In fact, recent societal changes are…

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False Allegations of Harassment – Protect Yourself, Protect Your Company

In the workplace, false allegations of harassment are a great concern for many people.  In the mutual respect courses I have led across the country, most (all?) of the people worried about it are men. In many cases, it is a worry that can be…

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What will equality look like?

50-50 I’ve been engaging people in this question in organizational settings over the past few years. The process has yet to yield a clear, measurable, agreed-upon vision. The most common answer in organizations to the question ‘what will equality look like’ is a visible, measurable…

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Intercultural Coalition holds successful “Welcoming Newcomers to Chatham-Kent”

The Chatham-Kent Intercultural Coalition held a highly successful “Welcoming Newcomers to Chatham-Kent” event last Friday at the Portuguese Canadian Club in Chatham. The event attracted a large attendance of people interested in helping Chatham-Kent attract more Canadian newcomers and making them feel more welcome when…

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