“IMAGINE Chatham-Kent” – Visions of What Chatham-Kent Could Be in 2023!

“IMAGINE Chatham-Kent” – Visions of What Chatham-Kent Could Be in 2023!

How do YOU see Chatham-Kent in the year 2023?

All proceeds to Pay it Forward Chatham-Kent and The Rotary Centres for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Through the eyes of a variety of Chatham-Kent citizens and  friends, this book describes what our community could look like in 2023.

“IMAGINE Chatham-Kent… Inspiring Ideas for What Chatham-Kent could be in 2023!”, the IMAGINE book project was led by a group of volunteers, facilitated by Maureen Geddes of Chatham based CANGRAM International Inc.  “The idea sprang from a book of essays of a similar name in the U.S.  A group of authors described what they thought could be possible within 50 years, and what changes it would take to get there,” says Ms. Geddes.

“Our project is more inclusive of the whole community.  People of all ages took the time to contribute:  a poem, a paragraph, a picture, or a few pages – describing their ideas for a positive future – for what Chatham-Kent could be just 20 years from now.”

The book’s focus is on personal or group dreams for some aspect of life in Chatham-Kent, with ideas for how to get there from here. “In a Community Futures report a number of years ago” says Dave Wood, “there was mention of restoring an old theatre in the downtown to boost tourism and culture …and now we have the Capitol Theatre nearing completion.”

The difference between reports which may also serve as blueprints and the IMAGINE book is that the articles in the book will be written as if it was already 2023.

“I was very encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by the initial group of individuals we pulled together,” said Geddes. “We will continue to broaden the base.  Who knows, it just may spark some exciting new activity in our community!”

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Author: Maureen Geddes