Expert Women Who Speak, Speak Out!

Expert Women Who Speak, Speak Out!

The first book, in a series, published in September of 2002, now available, including a chapter by Maureen Geddes “The Gift of Transformation”.

The book features strategies, tips, and tools by women, for women, to attain success and balance in their lives. It is not only beneficial for women, but men as well, because it deals with common life issues of fear, empowerment and success.

This is a first ever all-female CAPS collaborative book between thirteen professional Canadian expert women speakers.

The Gift of Transformation – Chapter by Maureen Geddes

To transform: to change something dramatically; to change people or things completely.

How willing would you be, as a caterpillar, to spin yourself into a cocoon and end life as you know it, if you were not sure that you would emerge as a beautiful butterfly, capable of flying thousands of miles, ready to see the world? Would not the pain of change be far more tolerable if you at least had an idea that life would be better – much better – after?

Our agenda: Create the Butterfly!

Synopsis: What does success and balance really look like for you? How do you get there? My hope and my purpose here for you: that you experience this chapter as a gift you gave to yourself.

  • Transformational change is a whole new way of thinking and seeing who we truly are. The same level of thinking that brought us to where we are now (still seeking more success and balance) will not take us to where we want to be (peacefully and passionately living extraordinary lives). Learning to transform will get us there.
  • Transformation process 1-2-3: notice what you are thinking, who you are being, and act on purpose. Look inside, not outside. You hold the key.
  • Connecting with your passion, your shining moments, and your purpose.
  • A vision to transform: easy as 1-2-3!
  • Silence to dream, to be present to the current moment.
  • Share the dream, look for the ‘missings’.
  • Align with others, mastermind your way to greater success.

Transformation is not only our right, it is our responsibility to ourselves and to the world!

Maureen Geddes, MBA, CHRP, Founder and President of CANGRAM International Inc., is dedicated to the unlimited potential people can achieve when they work together. A transformation leader with a focus on gender and cultural awareness, her clients include Deloitte & Touche, Steelcase, Executive Women International, Maple Leaf Foods, and Siemens. Maureen is currently the Chairperson of Pay it Forward Canada, and can be reached at CANGRAM International Inc., or 800-217-6730.

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