Narmin Ismail-Teja

Narmin Ismail-Teja

Narmin Ismail-Teja is a Diversity Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant specializing in workforce diversity for ten years. An associate of CANGRAM International Inc. and a principal in impact@work, Narmin brings a solid package of commitment, motivation and skills in creating highly effective training and consulting with a depth of experience working across the non-profit, public and corporate sectors in Alberta and British Columbia.

She is a creative facilitator who is deeply committed to working in a learner-centered style of facilitation. Narmin has developed many tools that help create an inclusive, challenging learning environment in which participants engage in discussions that lead to transformative learning.

Robert Hayle’s was an early influence on Narmin’s work. Narmin brings Hayle’s “head, heart, hands” approach to learning environments, whether the topic is valuing difference, implementing inclusive work practices, understanding family and work life balance, creating efficiency or building trust in work groups and in mentoring relationships. This approach to training ensures participants take their knowledge and commitment and transform these into practical strategies in work practice.

Narmin’s work has included awareness training, train-the-trainer, ongoing support for volunteer trainers, organizational change consulting and support and customer relations training.

Narmin’s educational background includes a BSc from UBC, training in group facilitation, popular theatre techniques and simulation as well as extensive participatory learning in the dynamics of organizational change.