David A. Shackleton

David A. Shackleton

Founder and President of Equality Enterprises Inc., David A. Shackleton is Canada’s leading advocate for real social and political equality between women and men, equality in which both women’s and men’s issues are honoured and addressed. Editor and publisher for ten years of Everyman: A Men’s Journal, focusing on balancing the concerns of both women and men, he is a dynamic presenter and workshop leader on gender and personal growth, and is known internationally for his comprehensive, original models which powerfully re-frame gender by adding men’s issues into the analytical context.

David brings an unusual degree of empathy and empowerment into the gender dialogue by replacing the one-upmanship of the usual oppression model with a more compassionate view of gender as a largely dysfunctional process by which we all attempt to get our human needs met.

David is a man with a vision. Born in 1953 in Lancashire, England, and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, he emigrated to Canada in 1982. Employed for eleven years by Nortel as an engineering manager gives him a powerful insight into the challenges and rewards of corporate culture, he left in 1993 with the realization that “the world doesn’t need more products”.

David holds a vision of real equality between men and women. “The issues that women have raised to our attention are real issues,” he says. “However, feminists completely missed the fact that men’s lives have been just as constricted by gender roles, from emotional stunting through ‘boys don’t cry’ messages to expectations that they be financial providers and physical protectors of women and children.” A capable and engaging speaker, David has dedicated his life to the pursuit of real equality between men and women and the dismantling of prescribed gender roles and expectations.

Mr. Shackleton’s forthcoming book “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”: A book about female power will be published in late 2004.

David Shackleton, Editor and Publisher
Everyman: A Men’s Journal
PO Box 4617, Station E, Ottawa, ON K1S 5H8, CANADA
“The World Changes When We Do”