Bob McGuire

Bob McGuire

Bob McGuire is co-founder and Executive Director of the Windsor Men’s Forum. Growing up in a Canadian border city with a father who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, grew up in Detroit, and served in the Canadian Air Force before marrying his mother, a French Canadian teacher, he was introduced to internationalism and diversity in culture from birth. Bob is noted for his ability to provide refreshing and insightful questions regarding the status quo.

His entrepreneurial spirit began early in life, along with the desire to provide service and a fundamental personal mandate to create a ‘win/win’. At 11 ‘Robert’ had a very successful pop bottle recycling business with his two younger brothers paying neighbourhood customers half the value of their returns to clear them out.

Bob’s life journey has included attending a Junior Seminary, a very distinctive ‘Direct Distributor’ marketing and business award at 21, a divorce, owning two restaurants, a bankruptcy, many national sales awards and the co-founding of two community agencies. Bob is at home running a business or a charity, training salespeople or ‘peer group facilitators’, or providing support to people in his home community or as a volunteer in Mississippi to survivors of hurricane Katrina.

Bob’s ability to turn adversity into possibility and a fundamental belief that tragedy waits to be turned into triumph, create a powerful personal coach. Bob freely shares the wisdom gathered from his personal life and thousands of clients. He studied with Dr. John Thomas Adam Shaffer learning an interactive imagery process he calls Shaffering in John’s honour.

He has been an international leader in the men’s movement, focusing on creating a life and relationships that work for all by taking personal responsibility. Celebrating a marriage that started in 1980 to his American wife Jo-Anne, they proudly have a blended and international family of 5 children and their partners and 9 grandchildren. He has served on many community boards and is co-president of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council. A keen student of life and human nature he has dedicated his life to sharing his gifts to co-creating a sustainable and thriving world for all.