About Us

At CANGRAM International Inc., we believe in the unlimited potential people can achieve when they work together!


  • Are known for our integrity
  • Treat all people with respect and dignity
  • Keep our commitments
  • Always tell the truth
  • Are grateful for the abundance ever-present in our lives
  • Find a win/win approach in everything we do
  • Have FUN!

Our Vision:

To build and foster global partnerships for peace and prosperity to enhance respect, understanding and acceptance of all people.

Our Purpose:

To transform the lives of the people and industries we serve by providing inspiration, interaction and expertise through a strong network of alliances.

To build a network of professional alliances that serve the “whole” client / customer / employer-employee relationship.

Our Philosophy:

We surround ourselves with intelligent, caring people with integrity who are taking action to be the best they can be.

We align with clients on their ideal culture and people-relations goals, and take continuous action consistent with those goals.

We believe transforming workplaces begins with changing our way of thinking and looking at the world. It is evolution, not revolution…but it takes hold of the spirit and you feel the difference the moment you begin!

We believe in ethical behaviour at all times, both personally and professionally.

Our Ethics:

(In accordance with standards set by the Canadian Association of Ethics Practitioners)

CANGRAM International Inc. remains in compliance with all applicable laws. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of conduct, both professionally and personally. To that end, all employees, facilitators, and strategic alliances of CANGRAM accept the following principles:

I. Personal Responsibility

  1. Act with integrity and candour.
  2. Recognize personal needs and interests, and assert them in ways that are fair to all concerned.
  3. Develop and maintain our individual competence and expertise.
  4. Establish cooperative, respectful relations with other professionals.

II. Responsibility to Clients

  1. Serve the long-term well-being of our clients and stakeholders.
    • Recognize the personal, organizational, and cultural beliefs and values relevant to serving our clients.
    • Be particularly sensitive to diversity when serving clients in multicultural and international environments.
    • Be prepared to make explicit our beliefs, values and ethics.
    • Be prepared to help clients provide diversity and transformational services for themselves.
    • Inform clients if there is serious doubt that they can benefit from our continuing services, or if our services cannot be provided in the letter and spirit of this code.
  2. Conduct any professional activity, program or relationship in ways that are honest, responsible, and appropriately open.
    • Strive for professional behaviour that meets the test of the highest internationally available ethical standards.
    • Be prepared to provide for our own accountability by evaluating and assessing the effects of our work.
    • Establish fair contracts, ensuring mutual understanding and agreement about services to be performed and remuneration.
    • Encourage transparency and frankness wherever possible, as an important adjunct to ethical behaviour.
  3. Respect the confidentiality of information when transparency is not appropriate.
    • Never divulge confidential or private information without the consent of the parties concerned, unless the disclosure is required by law or necessitated by public health and safety.
    • Make the limits of confidentiality clear to clients and participants.
  4. Avoid conflicts of interest.
    • Never use inside or non-public information about a client for our own financial benefit or other advantage without the client’s consent.
  5. Ensure full accuracy of our public statements about any aspect of our work, including promotion and advertising.
  6. Refrain from accepting or offering gifts, other than customary hospitality, that could in any way be construed as solicitations of favours.

III. Responsibility to Our Professions

  1. Contribute to the continuing professional development of other diversity practitioners, human resources professionals, and professional speakers; and to the development of these professions as a whole in Canada and abroad.
  2. Promote the sharing of professional knowledge and skill, giving credit for the ideas and production of others.
  3. Accept, where possible, some clients in the not-for-profit sector who cannot pay full fees.
  4. Act in ways that give credit to the human resources and public speaking professions.
  5. Avoid actions that may be considered as denigrating the work of professional peers or the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, or the National Speakers Association.

IV. Application of the Code

  1. Questions relating to the interpretation of our Code of Ethics shall be referred to the president.
  2. Employees, facilitators, and strategic alliances of CANGRAM shall place on file with CANGRAM a signed document certifying their agreement to abide by the Code of Ethics as a condition of remaining in good standing.